Fun Paper Toys for Beginners and Children

The present generation is addicted to gadgets. They are pretty much exposed to technologically idiot-boxes with smart apps and gaming profiles. The only way to keep them away from gadgets is to keep them occupied with something that they might like doing. Activities performed with adults are one way to distract tiny tots from cell phones. Craft activities inculcate some amount of thinking and also creativity. Children generally have a short attention span and making paper toys is just one of the methods to help them concentrate. It’s not only the kids, but parents get to learn to make toys out of paper.  Holidays, weekends and afterschool now gets better for you and your child. Alright, now you know what you have to do, let us look into how to get started without having to shave your hair off. 

Pinwheels on Paper

These decorative paper toys can mimic a fidget spinner and are a cute initial project for a child as well as for you as a beginner. Use the pinwheel to decorate any event you are organising, and you would sure get a few compliments. The child in you or even your ward can learn the dynamics of flowing air and breath using these pinwheels as the stronger you blow the faster it spins or changes direction. This is a great learning tool while teaching your child about windmills or energy.

Making a May Basket for Friends

Walking by the streets on the 1st day of May, you find cute little baskets hung on the doorknob of most doors. These get filled with gifts, treats and flowers left by friends and neighbours. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your little one created this basket? Even better if your child shows interest in making them with you. There is no better way than celebrating spring with beautifully coloured May baskets made with your own hands.

The Charming Caterpillar

Children are mesmerised by caterpillars, and you can help them make their own caterpillar themed craft. The paper critter with googly eyes is a perfect companion to an energetic kid. Keep them glued to their seats for at least an hour with the Caterpillar activity and watch how engrossed they are in a paper-based exercise.

Bumble Bee Puppets

These stick puppets are a fantastic addition to your windows and flower pots. Your child can play with these sticky bees once they are done creating them from Popsicle sticks that were meant to go into the wastebasket. The activity also teaches your child to recycle throwaway items.

Butterflies Made Off Toilet Rolls

A children’s book collection isn’t complete without a story of a butterfly in it. From a young age, children seem to have a relationship with these beautiful and colourful creatures incorporated into almost everything, child-friendly. Their imagination goes wild when they start talking about a butterfly. This is precisely why making a craft butterfly from scratch can be an instant hit with your kid. Saving your toilet paper rolls help make these beauties with ease.

Fun Puppets

Finger puppets are always fun, easy to make and your child will love making them too. The better part is when they get to play with it once it’s done or put on a puppet show for the family. Use decorative material to make the puppets look extra glamorous so that they can show off their creation.