Reaching New Heights With Origami – 8 Individuals Setting The Bar For Paper Folding

Like all forms of art, origami and paper craft are only limited by the artist’s skill and imagination. A lot of experienced origamists have pushed forward the standards of artistry when it comes to paper craft. Here are some of the leading names who have revolutionized origami and paper art.

1. The T/Shirt Issue

Unlike the other names on this list, the T/Shirt Issue is not really one artist alone. They are a t-shirt design collective based in Berlin, Germany. They specialize in combining fashion principles, design, and technology into everyday clothing. Their fondness for geometric shapes and triangular polygons could be seen as the inspiration for their origami fashion – apparels designed and made with 3D elements.

2. Alma Haser

Another artist that hails from Germany, Alma Haser started her career within the inspirational and encouraging walls of her family. Currently based in London, her preferred mode of art is photography from which she incorporates other art forms such as origami, collages, and other mixed media. Her portrait collection entitled Cosmic Surgery is an excellent example of portrait art married to origami art techniques.

3. Ross Symons

Ross’ artistry was made famous in Instagram where his origami project called 365 Day Origami could be viewed and enjoyed. Most of the figures that he makes are inspired by animal life. He is the founder and CEO of Big Ant Studios.

4. Robert Lang

Former NASA physicist Robert Lang proved that he is more than capable of tapping into his creative mind when he created his collection of life-like origami paper sculptures. The crowning piece of the collection is a paper Pteranodon measured at 14 feet long. He has been building and designing his origami artwork through Treemaker, an origami computer program he has been working on since 1990.

5. Sipho Mabona

Swiss paper folding master Sipho Mabona started in the craft of origami when he was five years old. His particular interest was making origami paper planes in various innovative designs. However, at the age of fifteen, he moved on to bigger and more complex projects like making origami-based stop motion videos and life-sized or more magnified paper animal models like an elephant, swallow, crab, and locust.

6. Jun Mitani

Although Jun Mitani works as a professor of systems and information in the University of Tsukuba, he still finds time and enthusiasm to work on artistic origami crafts. He specializes in making three-dimensional organic shapes for his origami art. He even published two books on origami: 3D Origami Art and Curved Folding Origami Design.

7. Jo Nakashima

An origami artist and a YouTuber, Jo Nakashima has produced many amazing and practical origami art for his online audience. The gallery of his artwork can be found on his website while instructions for them can be accessed on his YouTube channel. A brilliant origami art attributed to him is his movable, even moldable, origami sculptures.

8. Jacob Hashimoto

New York-based origami artist Jacob Hashimoto draws on his Japanese culture and heritage to create beautiful origami artworks. His specializes in making environments made from three-dimensional origami art. He can make ceilings and wall-hangings composed of rice-paper shapes suspended through lines made up of nylon string.