Spice Up Your Home With Paper Craft And Its Unique Colors

Do-It-Yourself projects have grown in popularity ever since the rise of How-To Youtube videos and posting fantastically handcrafted and home-made items on Pinterest and Instagram. Some of them have even proven that origami and paper crafting is not only for hobbyists who seek to have fun while doing art. Any homeowner could indulge in the art of papercraft and create beautiful and budget-friendly paper art to decorate your home.

3-D Letter Art

Both public and private spaces can be brighter when decorations are involved, even more so, decorations that spell out beautiful messages. Letter art rendered in three-dimensional form can make your family’s names or an inspiring word pop out in the wall of a room. Choose and match various paper colors and patterns to form the letters of your choice. You can easily find letter templates online to help you cut the letters and their borders easier. 

DIY Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns do not necessarily have to be made only during Halloween, Christmas, or during festivals. You can make various patterns, designs, and themes to suit your home décor. For this papercraft, cardstock, hot glue, and plexiglass sheets or plastic craft sheets. If you are not confident with making your own design, you can find a lot of templates and inspirations with various lantern designs online. Not to mention, you can enjoy the relaxing smell of your scented candles while enclosed in your beautiful handcrafted paper lanterns.

Paper Mobile

Mobiles are not only for babies and their cradle. They could also be an excellent addition to your home décor, especially at a spot where soft gusts of winds hit your window or doorway. For this craft, you will require some craft paper, string, and either glue or a sewing machine. Other artists prefer to stitch through the paper rather than gluing two pieces together to bind the string as it makes the mobile last longer. You can design the colors, shapes, and theme of your paper mobile. You can even make an ombre one where the color shifts from top to bottom.

Paper Flowers

Flowers are a fragrant and beautiful home décor addition to your home. Natural flowers last for a few days, but paper flowers can last even longer. With craft paper, pencils, scissors, and a glue gun, you can make your own batch of decorative paper flowers in various shapes and sizes. You can design the petals of your flowers with your favorite flower in mind, cut the paper accordingly, and layer them together. They can then serve as wall decorations, garlands, or table centerpieces.

Paper Chandeliers

Based on TV shows and Hollywood films, we know that all fancy houses have a glittering chandelier to grace a foyer or a dining room. Whether your in it to decorate your home or maybe set the mood for a dandy party, these sparkling paper chandeliers are for you. Intricate design patterns that you can cut out can be found in craft websites to guide you in making them. After cutting the paper of your choice, you can stick them together after decorating with beads or rhinestones.