Crafting with kids

Tips for Budget Friendly Crafting with Kids

Crafting can be expensive, especially if you do crafts often. All of the supplies you need to gather in order to complete one project can really add up. If you’re doing kid crafts, the costs can add up quickly. Children love bright colors, sparkles, and they love to make things. However, the great thing about kids is they aren’t hard to please at all.

So, no need to run to the nearest Hobby Lobby and buy up all types of new, overpriced supplies. Kids are not picky when it comes to the items they use to make things. In fact, the more homemade, the better. Since kids don’t have extremely high standards when it comes to crafts, it’s best to stick to these tips when it comes to crafting with kids on a budget.

Coloring with crayons
Coloring with crayons

Use household items

The first thing you should do when it’s time to make crafts with kids is look around your house for items that you can use on your project. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls go a long way and can be used to make all sorts of things that kids find fun. Wrapping paper that you may have been given in the past can be used to make fun collages. Old t-shirts make great superhero capes or you could tie-dye and/or paint them. Cereal boxes can be used for all sorts of different crafts, since cardboard is so versatile. There’s so many great things in your house that you can use, there’s no reason to run out to the store and buy supplies. Before going out and buying items, take a look around your house or think of a substitute that you may be able to use instead of going to purchase it.

Shop inexpensively

If you do end up going to the store to buy supplies for you and your kid’s crafts, don’t go to the most expensive stores. When shopping for craft supplies, the best thing to do is to go to cheap stores and thrift shops. The Dollar Tree has tons of items that can be bought for just a dollar, that you can use in all of your crafts. They have glue, paper, poster board, stickers, glitter, googly eyes, play doh, elbow macaroni, cotton balls, socks, glovers, hats, and that’s just naming a few things. Everything’s a dollar, so you can’t go wrong. Another great place to shop for crafting supplies is thrift stores. You can go through all of the clothing and find great pieces that you can repurpose or simply destroy in your crafts. They usually have old books, magazines, even sewing machines. More than likely, whatever you need for your craft, you can find it at a thrift store, inexpensively. So, before you go out to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, be sure to stop at your local thrift shop and you may be surprised at what you find.

Borrow items

Another way that you can save on your kid-friendly craft supplies is by borrowing items. Borrow items from friends and family members. Friends and family always have items that they no longer want, that they’re going to throw away or donate. Why not take the no longer wanted items off of their hands? Especially, if they have children, you know that the items will be perfect to use in your kid crafts. Another place to check and see if you can borrow items from is daycare centers and your child’s school. Sometimes, they have items that are no longer needed or items that are going to be thrown out, such as old books, broken crayons, old paint brushes, etc. These items can really come in handy when it’s time to work on your project. You can get these items for free just by going around and asking to borrow them. It’s much better than the items being thrown away.

Kid crafts
Kid crafts

I absolutely love doing arts and crafts, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to find inexpensive ways of making new things. My children love to craft almost as much as I do. When I am not handmaking or researching new craft ideas, you can find me taking my children on kid-friendly tours around our city or playing buzzfeed quizzes or some more exciting games on skyvegas. I get much joy out of both of these things. As you can see from the tips mentioned above, it is not hard at all to make budget-friendly crafts that your children will love. Crafting on a budget can be done and you don’t always need to shop at expensive hobby stores to get it done. Hopefully, with these tips, you were able to get some inspiration on how to go about making cute and fun crafts with your children that won’t break the bank.