Tips To Becoming a Paper Folding Master

Origami is a beautiful art that comprises of the simple act of paper folding. Through this art form, you can express your creativity in a lot of ways by creating figures of animals, plants, or other inanimate objects like boats, planes, and houses. Origami art can also be used to decorate homes, to be given away as part of gifts or party favors, or simply a great and artistic way to have fun.

With enough dedication, anyone can become a paper-folding master. However, if you are just beginning to practice and enjoy origami, you can start your journey by practicing and perfecting simple projects. There are also some tips that you can rely on to guide you better on your road to becoming a paper-folding master.

Easy Paper Folding Projects

As a beginner, there are many projects to choose from, but one of the cutest and the easiest ones is creating an origami dog. You can start by having a square sheet of origami paper and fold it in half to form a triangle. Fold the triangle once again in half, the right corner to the left corner, then unfold. Fold the edges of the big triangle at an angle to create the dog’s ears. Lastly, fold the top and bottom points to finish shaping its face.

Another simple project that any beginner can finish easily is making an origami house that you can color and decorate. Starting with your square origami paper, fold it in half horizontally and unfold to create a center crease. Using the crease as a lead and fold the top and bottom half of the paper. Fold the left edge to the right corner and unfold. After, flip the paper over and wrap the sides to meet the center. Pry open the two top edges of the folds to the make triangles for the house’s roof.

A practical project that you can practice with is creating origami paper bags which can be really useful when giving out gifts or making lunch bags. Other than paper, this project will require glue, a book, and some string. Consider what item would be placed in your pocket, measure a suitable rectangle shape in a craft paper, and cut it out. Make a one-inch fold on the top side of the rectangle, crease and glue it as it will be at the base of the bag. Place the book on the center of the paper as a guide and fold one side over the other and glue them together. Seal the bottom by folding, creasing the corners, and fixing them shut. You can punch holes and add strings at the top. 

Tips and Advice to Become Great at Origami

More experienced origamists have said that one way to improve in the craft is to meet more experienced origami artists. Spend an hour or so conversing with them, and by doing so, you can gain advice, learn new techniques, or get tips on choosing the right kind of paper. Another is not to be afraid of trying out newer or more complex designs to improve your craft.

Really experienced artists have also advised to not just stick with making origami art to create figures. You can excel even further by experimenting on improving the design of your paper folding technique like practicing with various craft papers or incorporating different crease patterns.