Varieties of Paper to Use for Your Next Paper Craft Project

Paper is available readily, and it is inexpensive. In fact, turning it into gorgeous artwork and super cute crafts is possible only because of the way paper is versatile. There are many varieties of paper available, beyond the basic copy paper. And, it is not simple to know which kind of paper is best suited for a particular project. Now, the tricky part is that it comes in different GSMs, starting from as thin as 5GSM or 10GSM. Their finish and thickness differentiate the types available. The standard A4 sheets of paper are roughly 75GSM and have a natural finish. This paper is what is used for printing or writing. However, when a paper is used to make magazines, newspapers, packaging materials, business cards or local coffee shop paper cups, they are specific quality ones. For craft and DIY projects, several types are used. Some of the paper types include:

Cardstock Paper Types

This kind of paper variety is thinner than cardboard and relatively heavier to printed paper.  In fact, it is a mid weight of paper that is easily pliable and can be easily modified for versatile projects. Handmade boxes, scrapbook making, greeting card creating, are some projects that use it. Cardstock is available in a myriad of colours and textures. It is a popular crafting paper type.

Construction paper

Construction paper is the preferred children’s craft paper and comes in many colours. It is not expensive and has a rough texture.  Construction paper-based projects do not last for a longer time as the colours quickly fade away. It is widely used in school craft projects by school teachers.

Corrugated paper cardboard

This cardboard type of paper has two outer layers. It consists of a fluted sheet in the middle. The corrugated cardboard is a robust and durable paper type. It is stiff and not easy to cut. There is a need to use a sharp craft knife to cut this cardboard. The paper type is commonly used in making cardboard boxes, and, cardboard boxes may be used to build toy cars, houses, spaceships, and some IKEA furniture too.


Crepe is otherwise known as tissue paper which is a thinly coated paper type. It stretches easily and when gathered produces a wrinkled surface. This paper type is available in many colours and also as sheets or rolls. It is used to make paper flowers and the crepe paper streamers that are used as amazing party decorations.  However, if you wish to make paper flowers, buy crepe paper of a higher grade. In fact, consider using Italian crepe paper to make paper flowers and create a striking and realistic look.


Wrapping packages is commonly done with kraft papers. It is identified as rough brown paper, and this material is used to make paper bags. It is bleached to lighter shades and is available from brown to off-white. Kraft paper is available in paper rolls or sheets. It is used for scrapbooking, card making, and flower making.

Mulberry Bush Paper

This paper variety originated in China and is paper crafted by hands. It is created from mulberry, and it produces a durable sheet that is also lightweight. Mulberry paper has a natural appearance, but the texture is coarse. It is used often for college work and scrapbooking.

Newsprint Use Paper

This is used to print newspapers. Newsprint is an inexpensive type allowing printing on two sides of the paper. Newsprint is suitable for projects that need papier-mâché. Newsprint paper holds paste well and tears easily.